Take positions on popular Stocks

Trade stock CFDs on your favourite brands like TSLA, AMZN, and AAPL without actually owning them. Manage risks while enjoying tight spreads and the flexibility to go long or short on global stocks across industries.

An illustration representing stock trading assets like NKE, MSFT, MA, META, IBM, MCD

Why trade Stocks with Deriv

An illustration representing trading with controlled risks

Controlled risk, unlimited opportunities

Set your limits and chase your wins with take profit and stop loss features.

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Go big with high leverage

Maximise your stock market exposure with high leverage and super tight spreads.

An illustration representing easy access to funds

Easy access to your funds

Deposit or withdraw with your preferred payment method. Quick, hassle-free, on your terms.

An illustration representing negative balance protection

Negative balance protection

Protect your account from unexpected market swings.

An illustration representing zero commission trades

Zero commission trades

Maximise your potential returns without worrying about extra fees or costs.


Global stocks


Minimum size



Stock instruments available on Deriv


Surf tech innovations

Tech stocks represent companies that lead the charge in digital evolution and breakthroughs. 

Transportation & Aviation

Soar above the rest

These companies connect the world, moving people and goods across borders. 

Financial Services

Bank on financial giants

Trade the world's leading financial services companies, from banking and insurance to fintech.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Trade in global well-being

These companies are at the forefront of medical innovation and healthcare technology. 

Consumer Goods & Retail

Trade consumer trends

Consumer goods and retail companies mirror society’s trends and behaviours.

Entertainment & Media

Engage in entertainment trends

This sector represents companies that shape how we watch, listen, and play.

How to trade Stocks on Deriv


Speculate on the price movements of popular Stocks with high leverage and advanced technical indicators.